Sunday, November 18, 2012

When are hats going to come back in style on the west coast?

OK, I have a confession.  I am a closet hat-aholic!!  I LOVE hats!  I inherited my mom's hats (many of which are too small for my head) and my grandmother's hats (many of which are falling apart).  But I LOVE them all!!

About 10 years ago, I came up with a reason to wear a hat - and that is my annual high tea.  Once a year, all the ladies of my extended family (plus any friends that want to), are invited to join me for High Tea at some local, fancy-ish establishment (Around Seattle, we've tried the Sorento Hotel, the Fairmont, the Queen Mary, Elizabeth and Alexander's Tea Room, and the Tuscan Tea Room, plus a few places that are no longer in business).  All have their pluses and minuses - the best part is that no matter where we go, we get to wear hats!

We always swear that we will get together in the summer to do the High Tea and Hats thing then, but we never do.  SO I need to find some other reasons to wear hats (and I don't mean rain hats or snow hats!).   I hear that the ladies on the East Coast tend to wear hats more than we do here on the West Coast... what can I do to help hats come back in style??

I have been to a few art walks now and have started to see a few more headpieces that are more than a simple clip... but for the most part, there aren't many hats showing up.  I did run into a lovely lady named Heather.  She is making jewelry, fancy hair pieces, and some fabulous little hats that she called cocktail hats (I'd call them facinators - as in something the English royalty wore to Kate and William's wedding).   Here's the link to her site - you should check it out if you get the chance!

I admire my daughter because she (and girls in her age group) has started wearing hats as part of their oh-so-stylish wardrobes.  Oh how I love that!!  Now, I just have to get a bit of style for myself so that I can figure out how to incorporate hats into my wardrobe too!

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