Monday, March 26, 2012

Where is the economy getting better?

I hear chatter on the TV or Radio about how the economy is improving but you sure can't see it around here. 

This is similar to the Quiznos that just closed in my town

Last year in my local city, you would occasionally see a business close - but it wasn't something that happened a lot.  This year it seems like every week another business closes due to lack of customers and money.  Plus, there are a lot of rumors about a lot of other businesses struggling to make it week to week. 

I live in a middle class neighborhood, and while we have seen a few sales this year (and almost no houses selling last year), there appears to be quite a few houses still not selling - or worse, repossessed by the bank.  My next-door-neighbor's house was repossessed over a year ago and it still sits empty.  The neighbors across the street moved and were selling their house, it looked like it was going through - but for the last 4 months (or more) it's been sitting empty with a "pending sale" sign out front. 

Our Governor is considering yet MORE cuts to our educational system (and other crucial systems) which has already been the recipient of some pretty bad cuts.   Tsk tsk tsk! Shame on her for cutting money from our already severely-underfunded schools!

When is the economy really going to get better?  I agree that housing sales have gone up some and that does appear promising... but I am sitting here pondering whether or not I should be looking for a new/different job because my husband's company just informed their employees that they will be doing layoffs soon.   I want to shriek, scream, and yell because of all the stress that is piling up - but it wouldn't do any good (although my dogs might find it amusing).  

When all is said and done, I know that I'm very blessed and fortunate to live where I do and to have what I have.  Even the poorest American has a lot more available to them than most of poor in other countries - especially in 3rd world nations.  It's all a matter of perspective.

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