Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My semi-New Kitchen

I am really jazzed about my semi-new kitchen.  I worked hard all last spring and summer on a project re-modelling my parent's bathroom (and was paid nicely for it - thanks step momma!!). 

Anyways... the money from that went to fund a couple of purchases for our home.  I now have a new computer (which is why I am able to blog again!), a new, stainless-steel, double-oven (LOVE it!!), and a new-to-me stainless-steel Kitchenaid fridge.  HOORAY!!  

I just need a new(ish) stainless dishwasher and the appliances will be done.  My next job is to figure out how to refinish the cabinets and counter tops inexpensively (I'm thinking of cream-colored cabinets for the uppers, and a darker color on the base cabinets, with granite tile counter tops)... oh and did I mention that the floors DESPERATELY need to be re-done? 

But even if I don't get the rest done right away - I am THRILLED to have a fridge and stove that works!!!  My old stove was original to our 1968 house and was impressive (in a bad way). 

Actually being able to bake a cake and have it turn out nicely is such a blessing!! 

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