Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why is it that when one item goes bad, more have to follow it's example?

I swear my inanimate objects have minds of their own (and I'm beginning to wonder if they are plotting against me)!

My van has lost two hubcaps (talk about looking ridiculous!  I guess I should just remove the last two hubcaps so that at least the look is consistent!).  And then for fun, my wipers have decided to randomly stop working periodically (but thankfully still work most of the time - that's a critical piece of equipment for a Washingtonian!).  Now the air-bag warning light and warning-tone sound off whenever I go around a sharp corner (followed closely by my daughter and I commenting "shut up airbag!").  Fun stuff right?

My husband and daughter cooking me dinner
 Well as if that's not enough fun, my oven-range (original to our 1960's house!) has decided to randomly surge the heat in the oven.  You never know if something will be under or over-cooked - sometimes you get lucky and get both!  Undercooked inside and overcooked on the outside.  I understand that means the thermostat is kaput - but to me, it means I finally have to buy a new stove (which in theory I love, but in reality I simply don't have the money for!). 

And now - what has died?? My computer!  YUP - right before the holidays.  OK, so it was a refurbished one bought from Costco over 5 years ago - but it was a nice computer that met my needs and worked relatively well (until the hard drive crashed taking most of my recent work with it! --- and yes, I had backed up most things... but still it's just not fair!). 

SO, how am I blogging?? Well, thankfully my daughter's computer (a seriously-old and slow beast) still works.   So I am using it when she's not.   On the bright side, I'm getting a new computer that rocks! (thanks to Dell's outlet!).  On the downside - that's yet more money I can't afford to spend right now.

Did these items get together to plot against me - or am I just paranoid?  Why is it that groups of  inanimate objects seem to all fail at the same time?

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