Sunday, October 9, 2011

I keep coming home with more furniture and we really don't have room for it!

It seems like every single time I go to my parent's home, I come home with yet another box of stuff or piece of furniture that I MUST have - even though our house is small and we are already filled to the brim with furniture and stuff.  I know I have a genetic predisposition for stuffing my home with things I don't need (that's obvious when you look at the stuff my grandmother has and that my parents have). 

Summer 2011's Donation Pile
 I've been trying my hardest to keep that pack-rat/hoarding instinct under control though.  I know that I MUST go through my house (and my closet) several times a year and do a big donation run to Goodwill.  And I even have picture proof that I've actually done so pretty regularly (at least 3 times a year, usually twice as often as that!!).  And yet - here I sit with a house still stuffed full of things! 

So here I happily sit on a bar stool that I just brought home from my parent's house - the perfect size for my workspace in the garage (or so I told myself when I said "yes" to bringing it home).  And even now, I'm thinking of going back tomorrow and getting it's mate!  I mean it's sad to separate a pair of matching items isn't it? 

Why is it that I can't seem to stop finding things to stick into my already-full house?? 

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