Monday, October 3, 2011

How did the garage and shop get so messy?

My husband and I just spent the better part of 2 days cleaning and re-organizing the shop and garage.  I SWEAR it took us both 12 hours yesterday AND another 6 hours today to get to the point where most of the stuff is better-organized and a lot less dirty.  OH MY GOSH the creepy crawlies!!! bbbrrrrrr....  my skin is still crawling.   Are we done yet? NO!  But at least it no longer makes me cringe walk through the garage!

How is it that the garage and shop got so messy?  Oh wait, I know! - it's the total lack of storage combined with utter and pure laziness on our part (and yes, I admit that I am equally at fault).   Our home was built in the mid-60's with room for only short/small cars and zero storage.  I know we have more stuff than we need, but why doesn't our house have more storage - is it that people in the 60's didn't need storage?    So is the lack of storage a common issue for all houses built in the 60's, or is it just the lovely split-levels that have that lack?

Split-levels,  I might add, are NOT my favorite style of house (they seem to not only lack storage, but they also seem to have an incredibly poor floor-plan and a LOT of stairs)!   I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have more storage (and a bigger kitchen, and a dining room, and.. well.. the list could go on and on).  We give a lot of stuff to Goodwill every year (Goodwill is a fabulous organization by the way!).  You would think that by now we'd have nothing left to store, but nope... we still have tons. 

I am constantly looking for new ways to organize and store things - but I am hampered by a small issue (a lack of money to buy nifty organization items!).  SO if anyone has any suggestions on ways to increase storage without spending much (or any!)... I'd love to hear them!  Oh and if you know a good recipe for spider-repellant - I would realllllllllly appreaciate that too!

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