Saturday, August 20, 2011

When did tenure, experience, and good work ethic become undesirable traits in an employee?

I would very much like to understand when tenure, experience, and a good work ethic became undesirable traits to have in an employee?    I understand that companies want to save money.  I understand that our country is in a recession.  I even understand (partially) why office politics happen the way they do.  But, I truly do not understand why the majority of employers are currently seeking to hire untrained and inexperienced employees.  I would like to point out that these inexperienced employees are likely to not have a vested interest in how well their employer does and therefore will not put forth a great deal of effort to do "good work" on behalf of their employers.

Here's an idea:  If companies had treated their employees and customers with more respect (and with better overall ethics), perhaps they wouldn't have to declare bankruptcy, be forced into mergers, or just completely shut down (thus helping to make our current recession the horrible mess it is).  

I know there are at least a few companies out there that actually do treat their employees pretty well and are able to turn a good profit.  Why not use them as your business model?

It's just a thought.  

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