Friday, June 24, 2011

Why am I feeling like I'm low-tech in a high-tech world?

So I have to ask why is it that I feel like I am WAYYY behind the curve tech-wise?   I just finished a 3-day tech-conference offered by a local school district.  (great conference by the way!).  And yet - after all is said and done, I found very few of the classes really helped me grow in my techy-ness.   Even the more "advanced" classes offered me very little new materials.  They did confirm that I was doing the right things, using the right settings, and accessing the right sites and information.  However, only one actually taught me new and rather mind-blowing things (the Google class).    SO after taking 3 days of classes and confirming that I know the stuff I know very well.... why do I still feel like I am lacking in my technical abilities??

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